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Tofiga Fepulea'i is a New Zealand-based actor and comedian of Samoan descent best known as a member of the stand up comedy duo Laughing Samoans. Fepulea'i was born and grew up in Wellington, New Zealand. He was educated at Rongotai College. Fepulea'i's first stand-up comedy show was called Laughing with Samoans. First performed at the Wellington Fringe Festival 2003 has become a huge success not only in Wellington but around New Zealand.


Tofiga Fepulea'i, New Zealand


1 week (2020)

My Role

Visual Designer


Canva & Balsamiq


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The UX Challenge

The client provided minimal information due to his busy schedule. To fulfill his requirements in designing a website application, I had to circumvent the early stages of the UX design process so that the client could launch the application within his one-month deadline. The client was quite brief with his information but I was determined to undertake the project to help him meet the deadline. Because of time constraints, I could only manage the wireframes with the information I had until the client was ready to hire a new manager in the future to continue the work after the prototyping stage.

The UX Approach

I will create a hybrid wireframe that will inspire the development of Tofiga's website taking into account the client's brand identity that will enable his audience to purchase online show tickets.

Design Process

First I sought to define the scope of the client's requirements by ascertaining data to help scale his project. Due to time constraints, it was more practical to begin with the prototyping phase by visualising the client's brand identity to help guide and roadmap the future direction of his project's offering and features after the wireframes were provided.

The Final Product

Prototype design solutions in the form of wireframes

The UX Impact

Under new management (2020), Tofiga has successfully developed and deployed an online website to promote his shows to purchase online tickets. https://www.tofiga.nz/

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