Web Design

A Turmeric Drink for Healthy Living

The Background

Etu Tusitala is the creator of the 'Wild Samoan Turemic' drink to maximise the goodness of these turmeric roots into a health tonic that has several known benefits for good health. Turmeric is also traditionally applied topically for cuts and bruises. Having secured distribution here in Auckland, Etu required a website that would provide a point of sale for his growing customers. Turmeric has been hailed by its fans as “nature’s miracle” and the “golden goddess” but it was something much more basic, the delicious spicy aroma of Etu Tusitala’s warming vegan friendly turmeric latte drink to attract healthy living.

This was an individual project where I could utilise my stack of UX design and frontend development skills to involve all phases of the UX process from brainstorming to prototyping.


Etu Tusitala, Western Samoa


Front End Development: 2 months (2019)

My Role

UX Developer


Whistlebox Design Framework for UX Research & Design, Survey Monkey, Balsamig, Sketch, User-testing (Heatmap), HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, Twitter Bootstrap,

The UX Challenge

E-Life has no online presence to sell its product line. Without one will make it difficult for his target audience to purchase and engage in the experience of healthy living. Because Etu has secured distribution, developing a website will help automate supply and demand.

The UX Approach

With the understanding of the needs, expectations, and limitations of the E-Life business, I will design a better way to display and profile his business and products using visuals that tells a story to help build trust and engagement for his customers.

The Design Process

EMPATHISE how people and businesses approach community wellbeing by conducting an online survey, DEFINE the user and application requirements by identifying design features for the application, IDEATE mood-boards and sitemaps to identify brand values and PROTOTYPE design solutions using wireframes, TEST the prototype on real users acquiring feedback to improve and iterate, DEVELOP the product from the prototype and test on real users, using feedback to improve and re-iterate.

The Design Framework

A framework was put in place to collect data to help road map the client's objectives during research, design, prototyping and usertesting.

Building the Prototype

To explore the prototype and it's features, click on the button below:


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