Welcome! My name is Ace and I'm a UX & web developer based in Auckland, New Zealand. I have a bachelor degree in media design with interactive as my major. I credit my songwriting attributes for designer empathy & bring to life stories from the world around me. This inspires my well being & positive look on life. I link my harsh upbringing experiences to my approach to design and innovation because motivation comes from making people happy, and it takes empathy to a whole new level. In my spare time when I'm not wearing my hat, I love to relax with music and enjoy a round of golf.

"The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do" .. Steve Jobs

My Role

My UX designs have a winning formula that was developed over time. It does away with conventional research methods by making the process effortless. When there is uncertainty to manage agile, fast paced & complex environments my approach will save you time & money. Businesses benefit from an improved & better way to stand out in a crowd. As a user experience specialist & web developer, I can help deliver fresh ideas that connect with your audience. Engage your users with good looking content that people can trust. Give your brand a face-lift online today!


2018 - 2019

A redesign to redefine the Allblacks   ..more
Initially, this project was carried out by an agency based in the UK, who misinterpreted the best rugby team in the world. There were flaws in their designs and my team were tasked to redesign something that would capture the culture that drive the Allblacks to be the best. Sports teams from around the globe adopt their ideas & the 'haka', which is engrossed in kiwi culture. While embarking on this journey we discovered that it was essential to understand how mana & legacy shaped the Allblacks performance on & off the field. The maori 'whakapapa' and community work are core values the Allblacks depend on. They pride themselves not only on winning matches but establishing the mana of team unity and wearing the black jersey because there is so much history there. My team had solved this problem by designing in such a way as to not offend 'iwi' but put emphasis on what the brand truly represents. In my role I produced & managed our team's processes and ensured we were on target with our concepts, ready to present to stakeholders. We exceeded their expectations which resulted in the organisation adopting our concept for the entrance of their new museum "Manakitanga".



UX DESIGN © 2016

Whistlebox is a mobile app that can help manage stress in difficult situations especially with 'road rage'. Dealing with your temper head on is no easy feat and it feels so much of an effort to tame the beast from within. So I've designed an App that will become a new solution to an old problem .. more

Drivers who get behind the wheel of a vehicle, become vulnerable to certain levels of pain. I believe this project will address some issues and provide a solution that can manage stress in ANY environment. Therefore, I propose to design a mobile application called ‘whistlebox’ to help users stay in control of their emotions.




Discover the best places in the world .. more is a new social network, which helps users find great places nearby, which their friends have recommended. Posse is backed by industry leaders from Google, Facebook, eBay, Twitter, Wotif and NineMSN and within under a year of launching, has grown to over 50,000 users. My role was to survey important product feedback, communicated fresh concepts and innovative ideas which have assisted marketing Posse to a community of new users both online and offline, within Auckland. I also contributed a blog ‘A Musician’s Guide to Auckland’, which featured on Posse's website.


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