What I Do

Across the years my experience in the UX landscape has enabled me to increase and advance my skillsets with vested interest in establishing and maintaining good relationships with my clientele. I'm a user experience designer who can hand code the front end, which gives me the ability to rapidly prototype ideas for the purposes of showing stakeholders or getting developers/engineers on board. This seems to be highly sought after in my field.

My Experience

I am a passionate UX unicorn with skills ranging from senior management, UX research & design, and front-end development. I have a master’s degree in IT, specialising in UX research, design & service delivery. I have the ability to establish best practices that drive human experiences in the form of product design, experience design, web design, interactive design, service design and agile design. My job is to understand the whole story to provide the customer with what they want to the point where they recognised it was something they have always wanted. This includes their business goals, technical constraints, and research reinforced with empathy for people using a product or service. I was the Director of UX at Creative Software, a SaaS company that delivered the B2B model delivering software for start-up and commerical businesses. I've developed roadmaps, design frameworks and design systems and started my career from the bottom up which made me understand the needs of my team and customers to better suit them. I am naturally inquisitive, able to ask questions for clarification to go to the root of the issues that solve more problems. Recently, I designed a new UX design framework called “Whistlebox Design Framework” (WDF) which outperformed the world’s two most popular design frameworks called ‘Lean UX’ and Google's 'Design Sprint”. On my master’s thesis concerning research methodology, we discovered that WDF significantly improved outcomes for us and our customers. The new framework enhanced our design thinking process reducing time and resources by 50%.

Front End

Mob: (+64) 21 023 59697